Shakira Delivers Winning Performance at World Cup Closing Ceremony

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Santana, Wyclef Jean and Brazilians Ivete Sangalo and Alexandre Pires had the crowd in Rio roaring.

In a winning World Cup closing show joyful enough to cheer up Brazilian fans mourning the performance of their national team, Shakira came onto the stadium field in Rio singing "Dare (La,La,La)."

Playing a Carnival drum and wearing a red dress made up of sequined straps with a revealing fringe skirt, she was accompanied by samba dancers, Brazilian percussionists and collaborator Carlinhos Brown, in black tie and an Indian headdress.

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Shakira was immediately followed by Santana, Wyclef Jean and Alexandre Pires, who gave a spirited live performance of the official World Cup anthem, "Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)."

By the time Brazilian superstar Ivete Sangalo came out to sing, the crowd was jumping in the stands.

A roar went up in the stadium at the end of the 20-minute show, which came before the final match between Argentina and Germany. As a finale, all the artists danced together on the field, with Shakira holding her toddler son, Milan.

The closing ceremony, though brief, was an appropriately celebratory kickoff for the last game of the global tournament. It was a bittersweet farewell for Brazil, which suffered an embarrassing defeat to Germany and ended up in fourth place after a 3-0 game against the Netherlands.

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Shakira, Santana and company were definitely the winners as far as official World Cup music is concerned. The upbeat closing show was a sharp contrast to Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez's tepid performance at the World Cup opening on June 12, which was later criticized for everything from audio malfunctions to the rise of Pitbull's pants.

After the unprecedented success of her 2010 World Cup South Africa anthem "Waka Waka," Shakira made a bid for this year's World Cup with the "Brazil 2014" version of her single "Dare." The song was not awarded official FIFA song or anthem status but was included as a cut on the World Cup album. The video posted on Shakira's Vevo channel has more than 220 million views, besting Pitbull's "We Are One," which has almost 189 million.

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Watch Shakira's closing ceremony performance below.

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