World Cup 2014: 4 Best TV Moments from Spain vs. Netherlands

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Robin van Persie

Flying Dutchmen called Robin and Robben put on an incredible show against the 2010 World Cup champs from Spain.

Who needs Batman when you have Robin ... and Robben? In a rematch of the 2010 World Cup final, Spain and the Netherlands played a game of two very different halves: The first was tightly coiled and nervily contested. The second was, as the ESPN commentator put it, "the opposite side of the mountain" for Spain, the kings of international soccer since the last World Cup. Minutes after its conclusion, some pundits were already calling it one of the best games in World Cup history. (Score revealed below.)  Here are a few reasons why:

1. Diego Costa's dramatic trip.  

The Spanish forward (#3) went straight down (for once, no controversy, no acting) after Dutch defender De Vrij tripped him. Led to a penalty kick and goal for Spain.

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2. A sublime lob

Soccer people love the beauty and simplicity of the lob, which is why you'll be seeing this Robin van Persie goal over, and over, and over again. 

3. Spanish goalie Iker Casillas loses control of the ball in a very bad spot. 

A blunder like this happens in the feverish, sweaty bad dreams of goalkeepers of all ages. It's just unfortunate when it happens in the world's largest soccer tournament televised to a billion people.

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4. Watch this man dance. 

Holland's Arjen Robben is not the most graceful of players (see his arms flapping wildly?) but the level of skill it takes to do a full turn at that speed, hold onto the ball, and then score a goal is unreal. By this point, Spain, like its king did last week, had fully abdicated any hold on this game. 

FINAL SCORE: Netherlands 5 - Spain 1

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