Is World Cup 'Superman' More Photogenic Than 'Hot Mugshot Guy'?

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

Mario Ferri rose to short but sweet international prominence when he ran onto the field during the U.S.-Belgium match.

All eyes focused on a man named Mario Ferri for a few minutes during Tuesday's U.S.-Belgium World Cup match.

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Though he's being called a streaker, he wasn't actually naked when he ran onto the field. Ferri wore a Superman shirt that read "#Save favelas children," a reference to the slums of Brazil.

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Despite his serious message, a number of headlines and news stories couldn't help but note his startling good looks and winning smile. That leads to a question — could he parlay his newfound fame into something more? 

Jeremy Meeks, aka the "hot mugshot guy," has signed a modeling contact.

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Do you think the Superman streaker has modeling in his future — or does Meeks have that Internet-fame market cornered?

Sound off in the comments.

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