World Cup 2014: Tim Howard Heroics Spark Memes (Photos)

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Is this goalie both the Earth's best defense against asteroids and the USA's 2016 presidential frontrunner?

Team USA may have lost, but goalie Tim Howard's heroic saves sparked plenty of national pride Tuesday. He had 16 saves, more than any goalkeeper in the World Cup since 1966.

A White House petition was launched to rename Washington Reagan National Airport the Tim Howard Airport. But some of the most creative — and strange — displays of Howard-mania ended up on social media. Here we break down the best Howard memes to come out of his World Cup performance against Belgium.

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Tim Howard: Earth's best defense against asteroids.

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…and Orcs.

Is Howard now more important than George Washington?

How about Howard as the new secretary of defense? Wikipedia said so briefly Tuesday.

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But why should Howard settle for a cabinet position when he could be president?

Game of Thrones could certainly use Howard.

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This would explain his skills.

Grantland's Men in Blazer crowned Howard as Captain America.

While others saw him as a solid brick wall of defense.

Even ESPN's official Twitter had some amusing renditions, with Howard on both Mount Rushmore and the dollar bill.

SportsNation revealed how it really felt for viewers watching the game.

The professional soccer player who plays for Everton in the Premier League even got a job offer from the NBA.