World Cup: Top 5 TV Moments From USA vs. Germany

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

The U.S. advances past the "Group of Death" with 1-0 loss.

Hear the shouts, screams and chants: The U.S. is advancing past the group stage of the 2014 World Cup, an outcome even their coach thought was doubtful.

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Can you celebrate a 1-0 loss to Germany? Is there a chance in hell for further advancement? Does it even matter? As the tale of soccer mattering in the States is spun further, the bandwagon fans must stop for more gas, as the U.S. men live to play another game.

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Here's how it all went down.

1. Zusi Comes Close

With striker Jozy Altidore still sidelined, the U.S. was going to need scoring help, and for a second in the 21st, it looked like it was going to come from Graham Zusi. A tie would have advanced the Yanks, so an early lead meant the world.

2. Howard's Godly Hands

If you're just meeting this U.S. team, then it shouldn't be hard to memorize the name Tim Howard. The American goalie is a world-class talent and has kept his country's hopes alive with spectacular saves like this and the one below.

3. Germany's Scoring Machine

Immediately after Howard stopped a German strike, Thomas Muller netted a score across the box to give the Germans a 1-0 lead. Muller has been near automatic all tournament long now, with four scores.

4. A Sliding Denial

As stoppage time crept on, it looked like the U.S. might draw even. Portugal's 2-1 win over Ghana already promised the Americans a second-round berth, but Jurgen Klinsmann and the Yankee faithful would have cherished an uplifting score here. 

5. Head-Strong Dempsey

Already assured of advancing, the U.S. was playing for pride here. A goal, and in turn a tie, would have allowed them some agency in their fate and a tremendous boost in confidence. If they could knot the almighty Germans, then surely they stood a chance against Belgium, whom they are likely to draw as their first opponent in the Round of 16. But alas, Clint Dempsey's header had a bit too much air, and the Americans would have to settle with backing into the knockout stage.

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