World Cup 2014: Who Are the Best Actors in Soccer?

AP Photo/Fernando Vergara

Soccer players are infamous for diving to feign an injury and calling "foul" to get a penalty, and some players should get Oscar nominations for their dramatic performances.

From diving to pouting, grabbing their limbs in pain or writhing on the pitch in agony, soccer players are famous for having a flair for the dramatic.

Even Luis Suarez pretended that his teeth hurt after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday, and it seems that no one is above putting on a show for the referee in the hope of getting a penalty.

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Actor and former acting teacher Brad Henke shared his assessment of the best actors in the World Cup with The Hollywood Reporter, revealing which players should get an agent, and which should stick to their day jobs on the field.

"Before I made a living as an actor, I worked on the gridiron as a professional football player (the real FOOTBALL, not Futbol — or as we Americans say, soccer," revealed the former Denver Broncos player, who starred in October Road and appeared in Dexter, Lost and Justified. "Please, don't get me wrong. These athletes are amazing. I (like most of us) have been watching on the edge of my seat, rooting on Team USA, and I acknowledge that they are well-conditioned, strong and tough as nails," Henke tells THR. "But what's with the soap opera every time a midfielder lightly grazes a defender? Why do they always fall like a bunch of overacting wimps?"

Henke went on to imagine if the actors were playing an intricate game of charades that must be identifiable for the top row of the stadium, and relayed some of the "leaked" dialogue between the players who are guilty of the most dramatic dives or hammy performances in the World Cup so far.

See who he ranked the best and worst below.

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Diego Costa free diving (Spain vs. Netherlands)

DEF: What's this scene?

DC: Pretend we are slipping on ice.

DEF: Like this?

DC: That's good! But more like this!

Acting ability: A-

Fred going down in the penalty box (Brazil vs. Croatia)

DEF: Hey, you! Hands behind your back! You are under arrest.

FRED: OWWW, that hurts, for what!? I didn't do anything!

DEF: Sorry, wrong guy.

FRED: You scared me!

Acting ability: B+

Wilson Palacios crashing into Paul Pogba (France vs. Honduras)

Pogba: Don't touch me. Don't touch me. AHHHH, don't touch me. OMG, you almost touched me!

Acting ability: C

Serey Die's emotional performance (Ivory Coast vs. Columbia)

MF: Bang, bang, you're dead!

Serey Die: Oh, wait, I missed my cue!

MF: You were supposed to play dead.

Serey Die: What should I do now? It's too late!

MF: Just do it.

Serey Die: I fall down, bang, go dead.

Acting ability: A

Didier Drogba slides to the ground (Ivory Coast vs. Columbia)

Forward: Slide like in baseball!

Drogba: I don't watch American sports!

Forward: You're out!

Drogba: No way! I was safe! I beat the tag!

Acting ability: C

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Marcelo collapsing in the box (Brazil vs. Mexico)

DEF: We are supposed to do the piggyback now.

Marcelo: I can't — I have a sunburn!

Acting ability: D-

Thomas Muller's reaction to Pepe's head butt (Germany vs. Portugal)

Muller: Three Stooges?

Pepe: Yeah, eye poke.

Muller: Oh, wise guy, eh? Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.

Acting ability: A-

Christian Noboa's double twisting somersault (Ecuador vs. Switzerland)

DEF: The invisible turf monster reaches up and grabs your leg in this scene.

Noboa: That seems over the top.

DEF: It's going to take a lot of imagination. Just go for it!

Noboa: WHOOOOOOOAAH!!!!!!!!!!! And scene.

Acting ability: B-

Samuel Eto'o's rolling tuck (Cameroon vs. Mexico)

Forward: You are a marionette. When I touch your back, pretend the strings were cut and then flop down.

Et'o: Like this?

Forward:Yes, bravo, loved the act out. I totally believed you.

Acting ability: B+

Raheem Sterling's bashful stumble (England vs. Uruguay)

Raheem: Wait! Safe word! Safe word! He touched me in my bathing suit area!

Acting ability: C-