World Cup 2014: The 4 Best TV Moments from Brazil vs. Mexico

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

High on action, low on goals; Brazil and Mexico draw even.

If close counted in soccer, then the score card would more accurately reflect the excitement that was Brazil vs. Mexico. The host country sang an impassioned rendition of their national anthem before beginning their second game, the heavily Brazilian crowd echoing back. The energy stayed in the muggy air, with both offenses showing promise with shots on goal. And Brazil might have capitalized on some of that movement were it not for Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who deflected shot after shot, playing magnificently from 0 to 90. See some of his best saves below, a combination of being in the right place and giving it all on the biggest stage.

1. Ochoa denies Neymar

With one of the world's best players squaring up to score, Ochoa didn't flinch, neutralizing Neymar's header with a diving save.

2. The Defense Falls Asleep

Ochoa bailed out his defense in the 45th, rushing the shot and looking more and more like a Mexico's savior.

3. A Battle of Wills

After netting two against Croatia, Neymar was searching desperately for a score against Mexico, but again, Ochoa plays the foil. 

4. Refusing to Break

Of his six saves, this 85th minute stop may have been Ochoa's best. With the clock ticking and Brazil keeping on the gas, the Mexican goalkeeper remained the best player of the day, blanking the Cup hosts and favorites.