World Cup gives Telecinco audience record

All-time channel high as 69% of audience watch national team

MADRID -- Spanish broadcaster Telecinco hit a new audience record Monday when 12.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the Spanish national soccer team beat Honduras 2-0, in a pivotal match at the World Cup in South Africa.

The figure, which corresponded to 69.1% of the audience, is Spain's most-profitable channel's all-time high.

Nearly 16 million viewers watched at the peak moment at the end of the game.

Monday's game is the third most watched match ever in soccer-crazed Spain -- behind the Euro Cup final and semi-final in 2008 -- which Spain won -- that captured 14.4 million viewers for private broadcaster Cuatro.

Telecinco bought exclusive free-to-air TV rights for the eight most attractive matches of the Spanish national soccer team from rights' owner Sogecable.

Telecinco's package includes the opening game and the first and second-phase games, quarterfinal match, semi-final match and the final the Spanish team could play if it qualifies in each round in South Africa.

Spanish TV giant Sogecable, which maintained pay TV rights for its pay-platform Digital Plus, will air remaining games of interest on its free-to-air channel Cuatro and all 64 matches on its 24-hour soccer channel Canal Plus Liga.