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Slip slidin'

PARIS — DVD sales are down for the third consecutive year in Gaul, dropping 11% in value and 10% in volume in 2007 according to estimates from the country's national syndicate for digital video the SEVN. France is the only major European country to exhibit such negative results in DVD sales in '07 and the DVD market here has seen a 25% decrease in value over the past three years. The SEVN is hoping that the Olivennes anti-piracy plan passed in November will be set in place "as quickly as possible," the group said in a statement.

Killer time slot

TORONTO — Showtime crime drama "Dexter" is coming to Canada courtesy of CTV. The Toronto-based broadcaster said Monday that it will air the U.S. cable drama Sundays at 10 p.m. beginning Feb. 17 as part of a distribution deal with CBS Paramount International Television. Canadians have previously viewed "Dexter" only on domestic premium pay TV networks because Showtime is not allowed carriage here. But the decision by CBS to migrate "Dexter" to network TV has enabled CTV to follow suit.

Top 'Model'

SEOUL — The Korean Film Commission has awarded Korean-American adoptee Nathan Adolfson the first best film project prize from its Filmmakers' Development Lab, a fellowship program created by the Korean Film Council for English-language projects by Korean filmmakers. KOFIC on Monday announced that Adolfson's "Model American" won the FDL prize, which includes a grant of $40,000 for film development. The Filmmakers' Development Lab was established in 2006 to bring young filmmakers together with industry veterans.