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No decision

TOKYO — Toshiba Corp. on Monday denied that any final decision had been made on the future of its HD DVD format. "There have been many reports in the media over the weekend, but Toshiba has not made a decision on the future of the HD DVD and we are currently assessing the market and reviewing future strategy," company spokeswoman Junko Furuta said. The statement followed Wal-Mart's Friday announcement that it plans to stop selling HD DVD players in its 4,000 U.S. stores. The company's HD machines have been slipping behind the rival Blu-ray Disc format now supported by five Hollywood studios.

IPTV on march

BRUSSELS — The number of IPTV subscribers worldwide will reach 103 million in 2011, with the surge being led by the Asia-Pacific region, according to research group RNCOS. Europe's IPTV subscriber base is the world's largest and most active market and more than doubled from 2006 to 2007 to reach 1.9 million, the report says. However, by 2011, both Western Europe and the Americas will be surpassed by the Asia-Pacific region, where broadband subscriber numbers are expected to grow at an annual rate of 91%.

Hello, Columbus

BERLIN — European Satellite Provider Eutelsat has signed a pact with Germany's third-largest cable operator, Tele Columbus, to provide digital free-TV services to Tele Columbus' 3.2 million cable homes. Tele Columbus already receives Eutelsat's pay TV bouquet, Kabel Kiosk, but gets its free-TV offerings spliced in from its cable competitors. "It was our goal to stay independent from the larger (German) cable operators KDG, Unity or KabelBW," Tele Columbus CEO Markus Schmid said in explaining the deal.