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Case reopened

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch parliament installed a special committee Wednesday to reinvestigate the November 2004 murder of director Theo van Gogh. The majority of the Dutch political parties made it clear they are not satisfied with the results of last year's investigation, conducted on behalf of the ministers of Internal Affairs and Justice. The parties said the results were not self-critical enough for the involved departments. In particular, much criticism was directed at Dutch Secret Service, which had been investigating Mohammed B. before he took the director's life.

Libel limited

BRUSSELS — Broadcasters and journalists accused of libel can only be sued in the country where their media's main audience is, the European Parliament said Thursday. The vote in Strasbourg aims to end the practice of "libel shopping," whereby defamation suits are filed in the legal system with the harshest laws. The Euro MPs backed the report by British Liberal Democrat Diana Wallis, who said that if it was not clear where the media's main target audience was — for example, with news Web sites — the law of "the country in which editorial control is exercised" applies.

Otegui honored

MADRID — Spanish production manager Emiliano Otegui will be honored by the Malaga Spanish Film Festival with the Ricardo Franco award recognizing outstanding achievement, organizers said Thursday. Otegui, whose career is closely linked with directors Alejandro Amenabar and Jose Luis Cuerda, worked on "The Others," "The Sea Inside," "La Lengua de las Mariposas" and "Berlin Blues," for which he received a Goya award in 1998. The festival runs March 9-17.