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'CSI' history

TORONTO — "CSI: New York" may be popular viewing with Canadians, but it's not fare fit for Canada's History Television cable channel. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, responding to a complaint from the Writers Guild of Canada, has rejected Alliance Atlantis' contention that the show was a post-Sept. 11-themed series, concluding it has breached the channel's license conditions. The CRTC said that, "while an occasional episode may deal with a current or historical event, the series is clearly … about forensic investigations, not history or current events." Alliance Atlantis has until Jan. 1 to yank the series.

'Flood' flash

LONDON — U.K.-based production house Power has inked a deal with Lionsgate U.K. to secure a theatrical release for "Flood," the company's first foray into movie production, it announced Thursday. The $30 million movie starring Robert Carlyle will air on ITV early next year after Lionsgate has rolled it out in a limited release in central London, a spokesperson for Power said. "Flood" details the story of the aftermath of a tidal wave that swamps the British capital.

IPO 'Club'

LOCARNO, Switzerland — Rainbow, the production company created to co-produce the big-screen debut of kids' TV series "Winx Club," has filed the paperwork for an initial public offering on Milan's Italian Stock Exchange. Italian stock market regulator Consob reported that the company behind the €25 million ($34.5 million)-budgeted "Winx Club, il Segreto di un Regno" can set the date for the IPO once the application is approved.