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Tornatore mugged

NEMI, Italy — Giuseppe Tornatore, the Oscar-winning director of "Cinema Paradiso," was mugged in Rome and treated for head trauma and minor injuries. According to Italian media reports, Tornatore left his office in central Rome late Wednesday when he was stopped by two men who asked him for directions. Tornatore obliged and, while one man thanked him, the other smashed him across the head. "After that, I don't recall anything else," Tornatore was quoted as saying, adding that his watch, wallet, and cellular phone were taken. Police would not elaborate on the case.

China booming

BEIJING — China's boxoffice is expected to rise to 3 billion yuan ($400 million) this year, state-run media said Thursday. The growth was partly attributed to a rise in cinemagoing that has accompanied the opening of 100 new cinemas and 700-plus screens in China this year. Chinese movie theaters have reaped 1.2 billion yuan ($158 million) in boxoffice revenue in the first half of the year, the Xinhua news agency said, putting it on pace to overtake the two billion yuan reported for all of 2005 and 2006's 2.6 billion yuan.

Sky Italia: IPO no go

NEMI, Italy — The chief executive of Sky Italia, Italy's top satellite television provider, on Thursday quashed speculation that the company is planning an Initial Public Offering. Tom Mockridge said Thursday that reports that the News Corp. subsidiary was planning to list shares on the Italian Stock Exchange were false. Additionally, Mockridge said that the company expects its subscriber base to reach 4.5 million by June.