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Writers united

TORONTO — Leaders of international writers' guilds meeting in Montreal have lent their support to the WGA strike in Hollywood. "Their fight is our fight," Writers Guild of Canada president Rebecca Schechter said in a joint statement released as the annual International Affiliation of Writers Guilds meeting wrapped Thursday. Schechter echoed fellow guild leaders in arguing that WGA members should get their fair share of new media, DVD and Internet royalties from the major networks and studios. "The future of our industry is shifting toward new media," added Writers Guild of Great Britain chair Katharine Way. "Writers have always had to fight for a small share of the revenues generated from their work, and this case is no different."

Baby steps

ROME — Digital cinema screens are finally getting a foothold in Italy, reaching the milestone of 5% of all cinema screens in the country, according to information released Thursday by Dodona Research. The first digital screens were installed a decade ago, but significant numbers have only been reached in recent years.

Crying Wolf

COLOGNE, Germany — Sebastian Koch, the German star of "The Lives of Others" and "Blackbook," has signed on as the lead in the $17 million TV miniseries "The Seawolf." Koch will play psychotic schooner captain Wolf Larson in the remake of the Jack London adventure classic, which Germany's Tele Munchen Group, U.K. production company Power and German public broadcaster ZDF are co-producing. Mike Barker ("A Good Woman," "Best Laid Plans") will direct the mini, which is set to begin shooting in April.