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China's horror

SINGAPORE — "Skin Lover," based on a classic Chinese text, will be the first made-in-China fantasy horror film officially approved by the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television for production. Singapore-based MediaCorp Raintree Pictures CEO Daniel Yun said Thursday that the film's plot comes from "The Painted Skin," part of "Strange Tales of Liaozhai," written by Pu Songling in the 17th century. The $15 million film, which begins production today in Hengdian, is directed by Gordon Chan and is set for release late next year.

Satcaster's close

HONG KONG — Hong Kong-based East Asia Satellite Television will close its doors in January after two years of losses in a move executives said Thursday will reallocate parent company resources toward building a $2 billion hotel-casino-retail-TV studio complex in the world's new gambling capital. The satellite channel reported losses of HK$30.9 million ($3.9 million) and HK$28.7 million ($3.7 million) in the past two years, respectively.

Pocket's launch

TOKYO — The inaugural Pocket Film Festival in Japan, showing movies made entirely on mobile phone cameras, will run Friday-Sunday in Yokohama. Forty-eight films, chosen from more than 400 entries from 18 countries — including Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea and Germany — will screen in competition at the festival, organized by the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. The competition has two categories, one for films to be shown on regular screens and the other for films to be viewed on phones. The winning film will receive ¥500,000 ($4,500).