Intellectual Property Conference 'May Impact Global Film Sector's Financial Future'

The World Intellectual Property Organization will host the conference in China.

ROME -- The upcoming diplomatic conference on intellectual property rights of audiovisual performers could decide the future of the film business, according to Mauro Masi, former director of Italian state broadcaster RAI.

Masi, an Italian delegate to the June 20-26 diplomatic Conference on the Protection of Audiovisual Performances, said that because of China’s increasing importance as a consumer of audiovisual content and the growing role of new technologies, the high-level Beijing talks will go a long way toward establishing how intellectual property rights will be protected in the film and television sectors going forward.

“The decisions made in Beijing will determine the economic viability of the film and television sectors in the future,” Masi said.

The summit, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, seeks to “adopt an international treaty protecting the intellectual property rights of audiovisual performers, such as film and TV actors and actresses.” Without a strong and widely recognized treaty, Masi said, protecting the rights of content producers will become difficult to enforce.

Attendees include official government delegations, representatives from intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, qualified private sector officials and the media.

The event will be held in the China World Hotel of the China World Trade Center.


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