World Series: Superfans Jeff Daniels and Kevin Pollak Wage Hilarious Twitter War

World Series Game 2 Madison Bumgarner - H 2012
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World Series Game 2 Madison Bumgarner - H 2012

The "Newsroom" star and the comedian clash over their respective loves for the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants.

Forget Hatfields & McCoys. This is an American feud for the modern age.

The World Series finds Newsroom star Jeff Daniels and comedian Kevin Pollak at odds, and they’re airing their grievances with each other using—what else?—Twitter.

Daniels, an avowed Detroit Tigers fan, and San Francisco Giants’ devotee Pollak have been tweeting about their respective teams during the games. But somewhere along the way things got ugly between the men, and the results have been hilarious.

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The feud’s origins are murky. It started off innocently enough, with Daniels tweeting that he and Pollak were the faces of their respective teams. 

He even congratulated Pollak on the Giants’ good play in game one.

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Anticipation for game two saw some friendly trash talk come out.

But Daniels seemed to get a little agitated during game two.

Then when the Giants looked like they would win the second match up, things took a dark turn.

Daniels later mourned the Tigers’ loss of game two. 

Daniels, perhaps dejected, did not tweet during game three, which his Tigers lost. Pollak had a few things to say, though.

Game four of the World Series takes place Sunday. Will the feud return?