World welcomes 'Pirates' trailer


The theatrical trailer for Walt Disney Pictures/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' hotly anticipated "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" captured more than 375 million viewers worldwide in its first week before its theatrical release, according to Buena Vista. The trailer went out day and date worldwide for broadcast television and online in anticipation of the film's May 25 release; its viewership marked a Disney record.

"This was the most significant trailer launch and kickoff to a campaign that I've ever been involved in," said Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Motion Picture Group, noting that the trailer reached 62 countries in more than 25 languages.

"We took three approaches to do a massive worldwide launch," he said. "We were able to mix traditional media with new media and finish it off with the theater. What it really showed is that there is tremendous interest to see the 'Pirates' footage. We purposely waited until we had the right scenes finished in the movie (to complete the trailer)."

Buena Vista said the trailer launch began March 19 with its debut during the season premiere of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," which captured a nationwide audience of more than 22 million viewers. Immediately after the broadcast, more than 13 million viewed the trailer online in a 24-hour period thanks to a synchronized online debut effort in more than 30 countries. Within 48 hours, there were more than 25 million views worldwide.

In the U.S., had the high-definition exclusive and had 1.1 million views in one day.
Internationally, top placement was negotiated with key online partners MSN, Yahoo! and ProSieben in tandem with a domestic partnership with Yahoo! and Simultaneously, the international broadcast television rollout began in 61 countries with simulcasts on popular programs and primetime new shows.