Worldwide Biggies stays in vid game


SAN DIEGO -- Worldwide Biggies has inked a two-year extension agreement to continue as executive producer of Spike TV's annual "Video Game Awards."

Albie Hecht, founder of the production company, originally developed the game awards show in 2002 during his tenure as president of Spike and compares the growth of the event to Nickelodeon's "Kids Choice Awards," which he helped co-create.

"We feel like the people who make the games are emerging stars and we want to give them a night to reward them," Hecht said. "There's also a lot of personalities such as Vin Diesel who are in making games and the gaming lifestyle is huge."

The fifth annual "Video" premiers Dec. 9th and will feature not just nominated titles such the "Halo 3" and "BioShock," but also previews and first looks of highly anticipated upcoming games.

"It's about creating an event that makes the games the stars and lets the audience meet the creators and participate in the gaming lifestyle," said Hecht, who multi-faceted company recently signed on to develop downloadable games based on the movie, "The Princess Bride."