Wrubel inks at ABC TV Studio


Former "Will & Grace" executive producer Bill Wrubel has inked a two-year deal with ABC TV Studio.

Under the pact, he will serve as a co-executive producer on "Ugly Betty," the studio's dramedy for ABC, and possibly develop new projects.

Wrubel's recruitment is part of a changing dynamic behind the scenes of the popular freshman series, which is returning for a second season in the fall.

A large number of writers — five — were let go after the first season. Sources said the show is looking to trim its writing staff, adding fewer, more established writer-producers like Wrubel.

"This is standard attrition after the end of Season 1 of a hit show," a source close to production said. "Season 1 is about exploring themes and finding the show's voice, and now that we've successfully accomplished that, Season 2 of the show focuses on a core upper-level staff."

In addition to Wrubel, Dawn DeKayser (ABC's "The Geena Davis Show") also has been added to "Betty" as a producer.

Before his four-year stint on NBC's Emmy-winning "Will & Grace," Wrubel worked on Aaron Sorkin's critically acclaimed half-hour series "Sports Night," for which he won a Humanitas Prize in 1999 alongside Sorkin, Matt Tarses and David Walpert.

He is repped by CAA and attorney Ken Richman.