Wuaki.TV Offering First Two Seasons of 'House of Cards' in Spain

Netflix House of Cards - H 2014

Netflix House of Cards - H 2014

The streaming service will be the first to offer both seasons simultaneously in Spain.

Spain’s leading Internet streaming VOD service, Wuaki.TV, said on Thursday it will exclusively offer the first and second season of House of Cards simultaneously.

The Kevin Spacey-starring series has run in Spain on pay platform Canal Plus, but only one season at a time, so viewers never had the chance to watch both seasons at the same time.

The VOD service, which is owned by Japan’s Rakuten and boasts nearly 2 million subscribers, originally launched in Spain but has expanded to include the U.K., France, Germany and Italy, with plans to expand in 2015 that will see it running in 15 countries.

Wuaki started a 4K rollout in France and Germany last month, with the U.K. and Spain to follow suit in the first quarter of this year.