Wuaki.tv Offers All Seasons of 'Breaking Bad' for On-Demand in Spain

Ursula Coyote/AMC

The move shakes up the streaming industry by exclusively offering all available seasons in Spain for the first time.

MADRID – Looking to set a precedent in Spanish on-demand market, one of Spain’s leading movie and TV series streaming services, Wuaki.tv, announced it will offer all available seasons of Breaking Bad for on-demand streaming in Spain.

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All five seasons of Breaking Bad will be available to subscribers of the Wuaki.tv Selection.

Wuaki is the first in Spain to offer every series of a TV show at the same time, and said in a statement it will push for similar deals in the UK and international markets in the future.

"We are proud to be pioneers in the Spanish on-demand streaming market by providing new ways to consume the hit TV series and movies our customers demand," said Jacinto Roca, founder and CEO of Wuaki.tv. "With Breaking Bad being such a renowned international series, we are especially proud to be the first to offer it in Spain."

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Breaking Bad will be available immediately on Wuaki.tv in Spain until the beginning of January to allow subscribers to view it over the holiday period.