WWII Spy Doc 'Magda' Will Screen at The Hollywood Film Festival

Courtesy of REM Entertainment

The film will screen at the Archlight Cinemas in Hollywood.

WWII spy documentary Magda is set to screen at the Hollywood Film Festival. 

Magda follows the true story of Los Angeles resident Madgalena Kasprzycki who, as a teenager living in Nazi-occupied Poland, became a spy for the Polish underground resistance. 

Director Jason Rem worked with interview specialist Elliot Mintz, who conducted hours of interviews with Magda. Filmmakers also partnered with groups like Simon Wiesenthal Center and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to ensure the film's historical authenticity.

"War is a cruel, horrible imposition for people who want to live in peace," said Magda. "But you have to explain it to somebody – which is really difficult, because you can’t really describe it."

The doc will screen during the 2015 Hollywood Film Festival at the Archlight Cinemas in Hollywood on Thursday Sept. 24th and Saturday Sept. 26th.