Wyper, Price, Trubridge set up PiVotal Pictures

Outfit to make adaptations of Penny Vincenzi novels

LONDON -- Manager and agent Carolynne Wyper has teamed with television producer Richard Price and Liz Trubridge to set up movie production banner PiVotal Pictures.

The startup aims to produce big-screen outings based on the works of author Penny Vincenzi, starting with her novel "Windfall," for which the trio have commissioned Sharman MacDonald to pen the script.

MacDonald's credits include the recent Dylan Thomas love triangle drama "The Edge of Lov,e" which stars her daughter, Keira Knightley.

PiVotal has sealed a deal with Vincenzi for film and television rights to her "key published titles," the company's founders said.

"Windfall," Vincenzi's seventh novel, is a 1920s period drama that tells the story of a doctor who inherits a fortune and is able to do exactly what she wants after seven years in medicine. Her new found freedom puts pressure on her marriage and her professional life.