'X Factor' Contestants, Judges Celebrate at Season Wrap Party

X Factor season 3 finale L
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Top contestants reveal their future plans at the exclusive event at Mixology.

After The X Factor wrapped its third season on Thursday night, the cast and crew celebrated with an exclusive after party at Mixology at The Grove in Los Angeles, just steps away from the lot where the show is filmed.

There, the show's top 12 contestants mingled with judges Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and Simon Cowell. Noticeably absent, however, was Demi Lovato, -- possibly feeling stung by a tasteless joke host Mario Lopez made during the night's two-hour finale.

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Winners Alex & Sierra were also present -- and looking relieved that the whirlwind competition was finally over -- along with runner-up Jeff Gutt, who seemed in good spirits at the soiree, despite the disappointing loss. "I know everything will be fine and there's a lot in store for me," he told The Hollywood Reporter at the event. 

Another finalist,  Carlito Olivero, held court next to Rubio and her posse for most of the night and didn't seem the least bit down about his third place finish.

Other standouts of the season were there as well and happy to reunite with their fellow competitors and mentors as well as catch us up on their plans. 

Lillie McCloud revealed her road to fame isn't over and said she has already been approached with some awesome opportunities, including a starring film role as a legendary singer, while Rachel Potter still has her eyes on the prize and is already plotting to drop a "controversial" single and video in the near future.

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Both ladies admitted their hesitancy to move forward until they could figure out how their current X Factor contracts would affect their new projects. "I want to drop this video and song, but if I do it before May, the show owns it," said Potter. McCloud echoed those sentiments when she called the constraints of her contract "steep."

McCloud added she was proud of winners Alex & Sierra but wondered whether or not the outcome was really based on America's votes alone. "I'm not sure it's all about the voting," she said. "I think there may be some politics in there as well, but Simon knows what he's doing."

Group act Sweet Simplicity plans to stick together after being assembled by Cowell at auditions.

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Josh Levi and Rion Paige enjoyed face time with Rowland and seemed eager to tell her how much they loved getting to know her this season while country trio Restless Road seemed intent on blowing off steam and reconnecting with their friends.

Paige revealed she's not sure what's next and she hasn't spent much time back home after being ousted from the competition before the final round.

Before the night was over, Cowell took the microphone to thank everyone for their work throughout the season and toast the winners, Alex & Sierra.