'X Factor' Finale Accident Leaves 3 Stagehands Injured

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A month after Simon Cowell's final Idol bow, Fox announces the arrival of X Factor. "People aren't done with the genre," says Darnell.

A runaway stair riser hit two crew members on the head and knocked another down just as 50 Cent was about to take the stage.

Tragedy nearly struck in the last minutes of the X Factor finale as a stair riser came unhinged and hit two stagehands in the head and another in the elbow. 

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The paramedics were on scene within minutes at stage 36 of CBS Television City, where X Factor and American Idol are both filmed, and treated the injured just off stage feet away from where the judges were watching 50 Cent perform for a studio audience of 700 and a TV viewing audience of millions.

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One of the crew members, who was knocked over by the giant set piece and held a bag of ice to his head, was heard telling his supervisor, "I'm fine!" and marveling, "on the f--king last night of the show!" 


UPDATED: All three were rushed to nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to assess the severity of their injuries and for further treatment. Their wives and significant others have been alerted and are en route, according to an X Factor staffer.  

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