X-Factor Winner Melanie Amaro Crowns Sir Elton John in Super Bowl Pepsi Ad (Video)

The X-Factor winner demands 'respect' before shuffling Elton John into Flavor Flav's dungeon.

X-Factor fans get their first look at Season One winner Melanie Amaro in action in Pepsi’s Super Bowl ad, which premieres online today. Amaro joins Sir Elton John and Flavor Flav in the minute-long clip.

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In the ad, a jester-like performer feebly sings Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” before being dropped through a trap door as “king” Elton John proclaims, “no Pepsi for you!” Amaro is the next entertainer to audition, and her of Otis Redding’s “Respect,” set to a thumping electronic beat, wins over both John and the other members of his court. But when he reluctantly offers her Pepsi, she says, “Pepsi for everyone!” and throws his chalice at the lever for the trap door, dropping John into a dungeon where he encounters Flavor Flav.

In addition to a $5 million recording contract, a Pepsi ad to debut during the Super Bowl was one of the prizes awarded to the winner of the X-Factor singing competition. Amaro won after a particularly unpredictable season of ups and downs, including judge and executive producer Simon Cowell’s request that she re-enter the competition after dismissing her early into the season.