Inside Simon Cowell's Luxurious 'X Factor' Trailer (Exclusive Photos)

Trailer Simon Cowell Trailer Bubble - H 2011

Trailer Simon Cowell Trailer Bubble - H 2011

“It’s like ‘Pimp My Trailer,’” Cowell says of his new digs on the set of the Fox series.

This story appears in the Nov. 11 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Have you seen those dressing rooms?" grouses Simon Cowell. "The shiny floor, no windows … I've got to be honest, they're the worst I've ever seen."

The X Factor creator is referring to the 12-by-12 standard-issue CBS Television City box he called home on American Idol for seven years (former judge Kara DioGuardi described her room as a "utility closet"). He eventually graduated to a trailer parked on the lot, a predecessor to the 40-ton, two-story, 1,100-square-foot behemoth he's renting this year. Its purpose: to host meetings and provide a private wardrobe and makeup area.

Indeed, Cowell spends as many as six days a week in what he considers a "fully fledged working office," sometimes till as late as 11 p.m. "It's like Pimp My Trailer," says Cowell. No kidding. 

Among the highlights: Not one, but three 60-plus-inch 3D TVs, mIrrored ceilings, a Sub-Zero refrigerator, with Italian leather and touch screens throughout.

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