X Japan's Yoshiki on His Hollywood Inspiration for Golden Globes Theme (Audio)

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The awards show will feature new music for the first time in 15 years. "It has some classical elements and a rock vibe as well,” the Japanese rock star tells THR of his composition.

He’s one of the Far East's biggest rock stars, and on Sunday’s Golden Globes (NBC), Yoshiki, frontman for X Japan, will take on a behind-the-scenes role as composer of the show’s new theme song.

“My inspiration was Hollywood,” Yoshiki tells THR. “I tried to combine the old glamour and the flashy Hollywood so the piece has some classical elements and a rock vibe as well.”

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Working out of sound studios in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Yoshiki gathered a 35-piece orchestra along with a slew of engineers and technicians for a month of recording. “It was the holiday season, so it took longer and was a little harder to gather all those people,” he says. That may explain why Yoshiki ended up playing so many instruments himself. “I played everything -- drums, bass, guitar, and piano.”

His time commitment to working on the Globes theme also ended up sidetracking X Japan's long-anticipated English-language album. Says Yoshiki: “It’s 90 percent done. Several things happened -- we just finished the world tour in mid-November and then the Golden Globes opportunity came up and I had to do it. It will be released in 2012 for sure.”

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Until then, fans can look forward to seeing Yoshiki in the flesh as a Golden Globes attendee. Which movie is he rooting for? “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was very, very interesting,” he says. “I think the music in the movie was excellent. I was there last year at the Golden Globes when [Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross] were nominated for The Social Network. It was great that they won.”

Hear a snippet of the Golden Globes theme song, the show's first new composition in 15 years, below:

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