'X-Men' Reunion: Patrick Stewart Weds; Ian McKellen Officiates

Sir Patrick Stewart Headshot - P 2012

Sir Patrick Stewart Headshot - P 2012

Stewart married singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell over the weekend.

Professor X is a newlywed -- and he entrusted Magneto with the honors.

No, this isn't the plot of a new (and silly-sounding) X-Men sequel but the real-life wedding of Patrick Stewart, whose nuptials were officiated by none other than Ian McKellen, his co-star in the superhero film franchise.

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Stewart, 73, tweeted the news Sunday of his wedding ceremony to singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell, 35, along with a photo of the two having a good time in a ball pit, writing simply: "Yes, married." (See full tweet below.)

Meanwhile, McKellen hit Facebook on Sunday to post a photo of himself holding a "doctor of divinity" certificate and a shirt reading "Minister" with a link to Stewart's tweet. Wrote McKellen: "I did my part."

In the X-Men films, Stewart plays Professor Charles Xavier, while McKellen is the villain Magneto. The duo reprise their roles in the forthcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters in May.

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This marks Stewart's third marriage. He was previously wed to Sheila Falconer with whom he has two children, and Wendy Neuss. He has reportedly been dating Ozell for five years after meeting her at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.