March Madness: Xavier Basketball Star Talks About Being an Uber Driver

Matt Stainbrook - H 2015
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Matt Stainbrook gave his scholarship to his younger brother, who's a walk-on for the team that's set to play Arizona in the NCAA Tournament Thursday night.

College basketball fans may see Xavier center Matt Stainbrook drive down the court at the Staples Center on Thursday night when his team takes on Arizona in their Sweet 16 matchup.

But those who live near the school's Cincinnati location also might know Stainbrook as their Uber driver.

Stainbrook told The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday that he took the Uber gig to make extra money because he gave his full scholarship to his younger brother.

Stainbrook is in his fifth year and using that time to pursue an MBA degree in grad school, he told Dan Patrick, but his brother, a walk-on for the basketball team, is an undergraduate.

"Grad school costs about $14,000 a year while undergrad costs about $43,000 a year," Stainbrook said. "So, for me to be on scholarship and only using it for $14,000 didn't make sense to me."

He explained how he ended up driving for Uber instead of taking another job.

"In order to pay my bills, I needed a flexible job," he said. "I saw someone Ubering one day and I said, 'That's probably something I can do. I have a car. I can drive.' "

In December, ESPN went for an Uber ride with Stainbrook, where he talked more about the job. He revealed he has student loans to cover but can use his Uber salary for things like rent and utilities.

He also said he enjoys being able to meet and talk to new people and that while he'll stop driving people around for Uber when he gets "a real job," he'll miss it.

"It'll be a part of my life where I look back and I say I did fun things in college," he told ESPN. "Maybe not typical things, but it's been a blast."

Xavier-Arizona tips off at 10:17 p.m. ET on TBS on Thursday night.

Watch Stainbrook talk more about his life behind the wheel in the videos below.