Xbox One Chinese Launch Date Rescheduled Again

XBOX One Console Family - H 2013

XBOX One Console Family - H 2013

Microsoft is having a nightmare time with Chinese authorities

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the long-delayed, yet still much anticipated launch of the Xbox One console in China, the world's second-biggest economy, has now moved to Monday Sept. 29. 

Xbox One was supposed to launch on Sept. 23, but the tech giant had to scrap that after it failed to receive clearance on launch titles from the Chinese government. Microsoft is putting a brave face on things, but its Xbox One launch problems come after an alleged anti-trust investigation in July and past issues over cyber attacks on its servers and issues with censorship

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Xbox One would be the first officially sanctioned games console sold in China in a decade after the government relaxed restrictions that were initially brought in because of government worries of the impact video games have on children.

Games industry analysts are divided on how successful the Xbox One will be in China, with its price tag set 40 percent higher than the U.S. and the prevailing games culture in China preferring PC gaming. Also, there are concerns that globally successful titles like the Grand Theft Auto franchise would never make it past the Chinese government censors, depriving the console of hit titles to generate sales and sign-ups to Xbox Live. 

Sept. 24, 9:23 p.m. A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the launch date as Monday Sept. 28. THR regrets the error.

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