Xbox price slashed in Japan


TOKYO -- Microsoft is cutting the price of its Xbox 360 console in Japan as of Nov. 1.

The price of its most basic model will drop by $200, bringing it down to ¥27,800 ($243). The top-of-the-line version will sell for ¥34,800 ($304), down from ¥39,795 ($348).

“We are following this price setting as part of our regional strategy for the upcoming holiday season,” said Kazumi Ishiyama, a spokeswoman for the Xbox Marketing Division. “We are offering the hardware at a more reasonable price and we plan to have about 250 game titles available for this holiday season.”

Ishiyama denied that Microsoft made the pricing decision in response to Sony’s announcement earlier this month that it would snip ¥5,000 off the price of its PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan.

“We do not respond to other companies’ actions, but we hope that consumers who are interested in the Xbox 360 will now find it more accessible,” she said.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have lost out to the phenomenally popular Wii console, produced by Nintendo, which announced Monday the release of new software targeted at the holiday season spenders.

According to Microsoft, some 11.6 million units of the Xbox 360 had been sold worldwide as of June. Figures for specific markets were not provided.