'Shovel Knight' Studio Teases Multiple Upcoming Games

Cyber Shadow_Yacht Club Games-Publicity-H 2020
Courtesy of Yacht Club Games

Yacht Club Games offered looks at a number of new titles in the works at the studio during a prerecorded streaming presentation on Wednesday morning.

Yacht Club Games, the developer behind retro-platforming adventure Shovel Knight, teased a number of new projects in the works at the studio during its Yacht Club Games Presents event on Wednesday morning.

The prerecorded stream kicked off with an extended look at the upcoming title Cyber-Shadow. Featuring the same throwback Nintendo Entertainment System aesthetic of the Shovel Knight series, Cyber-Shadow puts players in control of a sword-wielding character in a new platforming adventure. The game is set to launch sometime this fall.

Yacht Club also gave a small update on the development of the upcoming Shovel Knight spinoff Shovel Knight Dig, which takes inspiration from classic arcade title Dig Dug. Development is “going well,” according to the stream, and the title is expected to launch next year.

Even less information was given about two new games also in development at the studio, neither of which were revealed (screens shown at developers’ desks were pixelated to obscure specific details. However, the Yacht Club team did mention the projects were “brand new IP” and will feature the studio’s “signature approach to game design, story and character.” The games are still a “way off,” but Yacht Club did offer one last tease, saying, “Please imagine what kind of games we’ll be crafting during 2020, the year of the rat.”

Finally, the team showed off a look at the upcoming Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, a “rogue-like puzzle game hybrid,” featuring a new character, Puzzle Knight. The first demo of the game will be available on the show floor at Boston’s PAX East convention this weekend. The game does not have a planned release date.

Formed in 2011, Yacht Club Games is an independent video game studio in Los Angeles. Its first game, Shovel Knight, debuted in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign aided in funding for development. The game received widespread critical acclaim and spawned three spinoffs focusing on various characters' adventures in the universe, collected together in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove title. In 2019, the collection topped 2.5 million copies sold.