Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Strike Internet Advertising Partnership

Under a non-exclusive pact, the three companies will still compete against one another even as they sell each others' advertising inventory.

Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are teaming up to streamline the process of buying and selling Internet display advertising in the U.S., the companies said Tuesday.

The deal should allow the three to compete better against behemoth Google as well as various ad networks by allowing each of the partners to sell each other's premium, non-reserved inventory to their advertising customers.

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Under the terms of the non-eclusive agreements, each company makes its own decisions about its advertising business and the three will still compete against each other for ad dollars, the parties said Tuesday.

Today’s announcement sets in motion the opportunity for advertisers to achieve scaled solutions across premium publishers.  This should reduce friction in the marketplace," said AOL chief revenue officer Ned Brody.

Enhancing choice and scale in today’s display advertising market is a rising tide that lifts all boats,” said Rik van der Kooi, corporate vp of the Microsoft Advertising Business Group.

While the deal concerns the U.S. only, AOL and Yahoo struck a separtate advertising partnership extending to Canada that Microsoft is not involved with.