Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz Asks Investors for More Patience on Turnaround Efforts

She avoids deal chatter with the words: "I'm certainly not going to talk about AOL."

NEW YORK - Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on Tuesday asked investors to wait until 2012 to pass final judgment on her turnaround efforts.

Appearing here at a UBS media investor conference, she was reminded that some investors were growing impatient amid a lack of clear data showing success. But Bartz reminded attendees that she previously outlined that it would take two years to fix technological issues, on which Yahoo had fallen behind. "It does take time to work under the hood," she said. "It's nice to see the car running down the highway, but if you are trying to change the tires at the same time, it is a little precarious."

Following the tech refresh, next year's results will be distorted by Yahoo's transition to working on search issues with Microsoft, she cautioned further, but promised the following year should be better. "2012 yay," she said.

Bartz wasn't willing to discuss the big deal that some have suggested the Internet company could strike with AOL - whether in the form of a merger or sale. "I'm certainly not going to talk about AOL," she told the Wall Street crowd. "I focus on Yahoo."