Yahoo CEO Meets Hulu Execs, Explores Possible Bid (Report)

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The new Yahoo CEO wins praise for her first investor call Oct. 22, explaining a plan to revitalize the company via mobile and search and revealing better-than-expected third-quarter earnings.

Marissa Mayer and her team recently failed to buy a stake in France Telecom-owned online video site Dailymotion.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has held meetings with top executives at Hulu in what is seen as an exploration of a possible bid for the online video company, AllThingsD reported.

The news comes on the heels of Yahoo’s failed bid to buy a majority stake in France Telecom-owned online video site Dailymotion. A French government representative recently said that a foreign buyer could not own a majority stake in Dailymotion.

Meanwhile, Hulu owners Walt Disney and News Corp. have been looking for a possible sale of the video service, which recently crossed the mark of 4 million paying subscribers. The third owner, NBCUniversal, is a passive investor in Hulu.

Citing sources close to the situation, AllThings D said Yahoo is "in the process," but has not made any formal bid for Hulu.

It said that Mayer and Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro also had an extensive meet and greet with Hulu executives as part of "preliminary" discussions.

Other players believed to be considering buying all or part of Hulu include former News Corp. COO Peter Chernin and

Yahoo seriously considered acquiring Hulu when it was on sale a couple of years ago.

Any deal is expected to depend on the content licensing rights the current media conglomerate owners of Hulu make available.

Citing sources, AllThingsD said the owners are offering two to three years of content rights for Hulu, but also flexibility to remove content from the site.

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