Yahoo CEO: 'Our real competitor is TV'

Carol Bartz also says online advertising will get better

In case it was ever in doubt, Yahoo's competition is television.

That's what Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said Tuesday at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XIX Conference.

"The real competitor is TV," she said, promising that online advertising will not only get more rich, interactive and accountable but also simpler to purchase.

With TV, she said, you have "upfronts and a couple of phone calls," and you're ready to go. Online is not quite there yet.

Bartz cited Disney as a major advertising success story, though she couldn't quite recall all the facts.

"Disney did a fantastic job with -- down the rabbit hole -- why can't I remember that name? 'Alice in Wonderland,'" she said.

She said the interactive ad that took Internet surfers -- where else? -- down a rabbit hole had people clicking on it multiple times. "Disney was thrilled," she said.

Speaking to Wall Street analysts, she naturally addressed Yahoo's stock price, which has gone nowhere in seven years. She compared Yahoo to Apple shortly after Steve Jobs rejoined as CEO.

"Seven years of flat market cap, then boom," she said.

Separately on Tuesday, Yahoo Sports announced an original online series called "Behind Enemy Lines" that premieres Sept. 28. Sponsored by Bud Light, the weekly series has the hosts visiting football tailgating parties dressed in the opposing teams logo gear.

Check out a clip of the series below.