Yahoo Movies, U.K. Anti-Piracy Site Team Up strikes a deal with the online giant to help users find legitimate sites to view films and buy movie theater tickets for current releases.

LONDON – U.K. anti-piracy site has partnered with Yahoo! Movies U.K. and Ireland to push movie fans towards legitimate content sources in the fight against piracy.

The site said the move was "one of a series of partnerships transforming FindAnyFilm from a useful destination for film fans to visit to a powerful intervention tool, actively seeking them and connecting them with where they can buy legal content."

The partnership embeds the FindAnyFilm database alongside movie-centric content on Yahoo.

There will be "book now" and "watch now" buttons appearing on news articles and review pages across the Yahoo Movies site, enabling viewers to book cinema tickets and watch films via legitimate digital services.

Yahoo Movies has also teamed up with FindAnyFilm to provide users with a list of the U.K. top films playing in theaters, which will appear across all Yahoo Movies pages on the right hand side, together. The partners will also offer buttons enabling people to then book cinema tickets for these films quickly and easily.