Yahoo! Music execs Goldberg, Roback exiting


David Goldberg and Robert Roback, the duo leading Yahoo! Inc.'s music efforts, are leaving the company.

The executives an-nounced their resignations for personal reasons, ex-pressing a desire to "go back to our entrepreneurial roots."

Vince Broady, Yahoo! head of entertainment and games, will oversee the online portal's music operations.

Goldberg and Roback will stay on temporarily as part of a transitional process.

They came to Yahoo! in 2001 as part of the online giant's $12 million acquisition of Launch Media, the Internet music video and radio portal they founded.

Launch later was rebranded Yahoo! Music, which has become a popular music portal with more than 25 million unique visitors per month.

During the past year, Goldberg, the public face of Yahoo! Music, has been one of the most prominent advocates of the major labels dropping DRM restrictions on a la carte downloads.

He had been giving media interviews on the subject in the past week.

Brian Garrity is a senior correspondent for Billboard.