Yahoo, Reveille, Toyota team for 'Who Knew?'

Yahoo News' first daily original Web series

NEW YORK -- Yahoo, Reveille and Toyota Motor Sales USA on Monday unveiled the launch of "Who Knew?," Yahoo News' first daily original Web series.

The show is part of a broader content production and distribution deal between Yahoo and Reveille also announced Monday. The two firms plan to work with advertisers to produce other online series for Yahoo based on audience insights and marketers' goals.

The partners described 90-second weekday series "Who Knew?" as "easy-to-digest commentaries on current events" with a focus on "unknown and out-of-the-ordinary facts and information behind the most talked-about current events of the day." They added that it is designed "to give the audience the upper hand in daily water-cooler conversations."

Monday's episode focused on the Shroud of Turin.

Toyota is on board for "Who Knew?" as a promotional partner to support the launch of the redesigned Toyota Avalon. On the show, one "comforting fact" will appear each week, which ties in with the Avalon ad campaign theme: "Comfort Is Back. Travel Avalon Class."

"Creative, original programming such as "Who Knew?" is an essential part of Yahoo's mission to be the center of people's online lives," said Mark Walker, vp of Yahoo News.

"Working with Yahoo, we've created a web series that provides consumers with short nuggets of infotainment behind the day's most popular news content, while giving Toyota an ideal platform to better connect with an audience that's highly engaged," said Howard Owens, managing director at Reveille.
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