Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Earned $36.6 Million in 2012

2012-38 REP Marissa Mayer H

The new Yahoo CEO wins praise for her first investor call Oct. 22, explaining a plan to revitalize the company via mobile and search and revealing better-than-expected third-quarter earnings.

COO Henrique de Castro made $39.2 million, while CFO Ken Goldman earned $7.5 million.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made $36.6 million her first year on the job, with $35 million coming from stock awards.

Henrique de Castro, Yahoo's COO made even more in 2012:  $39.2 million, with $38 million coming from stock awards.

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Ken Goldman, the CFO, earned $7.5 million. 

Scott Thompson, the former CEO who left Yahoo amid questions surrounding his resume', was paid $24.3 million in 2012.