Yankees streaming opens up to home market

30-day package costs $19.95 for Cablevision subscribers

Yes Network, Major League Baseball and Cablevision on Wednesday announced the launch of a broadband service that provides New York Yankees fans the opportunity to watch live Yankees games online, the only product to offer live regional streaming in professional sports.

The first game will be available online on July 8.

"This is a landmark deal because it converts from old to new media," said Tracy Dolgin, president and CEO of Yes network. "This deal is all about choice. Fans are paying for the portability and convenience that comes along with an online offering."

Fans have a choice between two packages, one for $49.95, which covers the remainder of the season, and a monthly package, which goes for $19.95.

"This puts the fan first, giving him or her the most opportunity to see a ball game without going to a ballpark," said Robert Bowman, CEO of Major League Baseball Advanced Media. "Talking to Yankees fans around the world, we think we've hit the right price."

He added that they are hopeful that more clubs and teams will join in the 2009 season, but so far, only the New York Yankees are involved with the project.

Hal Steinbrenner, managing general partner and co-chairman of the New York Yankees, believes the new service will benefit fans.

"This will give (them) a variety of ways to view our games," he said.

Not only does Yes brass expect other teams and clubs to climb on board, they are also hoping that other cable operators will join in.

"We are having discussions with Time Warner," said Dolgin.

The product can be used anywhere within the Yes Network coverage area, whether an individual is at home or at work. They will have to log in to their account and be authenticated in order to do so.

Bowman acknowledged that there are substantial costs associated with launching the broadband service.

But "we know there's demand for this product," he said. "We will be surprised if there isn't."