Yari Film Group: Jumping into the fray

2006 boxoffice: $39.9 million

With "The Illusionist," the Yari Film Group not only pulled a rabbit out of a hat but also established itself as an up-and-coming force in the indie distribution arena. Neil Burger's tale of a love-struck magician, played by Edward Norton, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival under the auspices of producers Michael London and Bob Yari, among others. But when the producers could not strike a distribution deal to their liking, Yari decided to distribute the film himself. Utilizing Freestyle Releasing (which also had a solid indie hit with the upscale horror movie "An American Haunting") and with former Paramount Classics co-head David Dinerstein serving as consultant, Yari Film Group served up "Ilusionist" on Aug. 18 as savvy counterprogramming that ultimately grossed nearly $40 million.

Yari Film Group releases Date Boxoffice
The Illusionist 8/18 $39.8
Haven 9/15 0.1

The boxoffice and market share for each distributor represents tickets sales from Jan. 3, 2006, through Jan. 1, 2007, inclusive. "Films tracked" represents the total number of films, including 2005 releases that generated ticket sales for each distributor. For 2005 releases, only boxoffice returns from 2006 are reported.


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