'Yellow Sea' gets Fox green

Korean director Na's film first to get direct Hollywood money

SEOUL -- 20th Century Fox will invest in “Yellow Sea,” a new feature film currently in pre-production by director Na Hong-jin (“The Chaser”), Showbox announced Wednesday.

It will be the first Korean film to attract direct investment by a major Hollywood studio. The amount invested by 20th Century Fox has not been released.
The film, a blockbuster thriller of a Chinese-Korean hitman in Seoul chased by another hitman, is produced by Popcorn Film and financed by a talent management agency Wellmade StarM and Showbox. The 20th Century Fox is reviewing possible options for the film’s sequels and a remake, according to the Korean distributor-investor.  
“Showbox is currently finalizing a negotiation with 20th Century Fox for joint distribution of various multinational projects targeting the Asian market,” the company said in a statement. “It [joint investment in 'Yellow Sea'] is also meaningful in that a major Hollywood studio is partnering with a Korean distributor-investor for a new global business model.”
"Yellow Sea," to cost around 10 billion won ($8.2 million), has secured half of the investment from Wellmade StarM. The film features Ha Jung-woo (“Takeoff’) and Kim Yun-seok ("Tazza The High Rollers"), both of whom starred in Na’s previous murder thriller, and is scheduled to open during the latter part of 2010.
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