Yes, I Did Say That!

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Somebody’s singing and you want to say something, and then suddenly you realize you’re not on the show and you’re listening to somebody else. It’s a really odd experience.”
— Simon Cowell
On watching American Idol now that he’s no longer a judge.

“Will I be up here long?”
— Michael Bloomberg
The New York mayor, who was suspended over audience members at the Inner Circle Comedy Show, mocking Broadway’s troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

“Families are all over the place; people have to work, they get home, they’re exhausted. I’m on the inside, and I’m also watching shows on DVR.”
— Joel Wyman
The Fringe executive producer, on the show’s audience tuning in via DVR instead of during its network time slot.

“I am having fun with it, though, even if it’s kind of giving me a midlife crisis because I don’t know who I am anymore.”
— Gwyneth Paltrow
The actress, who shot down rumors of a $1 million record deal, on her burgeoning singing career.

“Have had much fun talking to everyone today. Best time since I used to go on the original AOL chat rooms as Barbra Streisand.”
— Albert Brooks
The actor after his first day on Twitter.

“They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar.”
— Sarah Lane
Natalie Portman’s Black Swan dancing double — who claims the actress only performed 5 percent of the ballet sequences — on being asked not to talk about her work in the film.

“Here is the reality. I had my editor count shots. There are 139 dance shots in the film: 111 are Natalie Portman untouched; 28 are her dance double, Sarah Lane. If you do the math, that’s 80 percent Natalie Portman.”
— Darren Aronofsky
The Black Swan director, responding to Lane’s claims.

“I kind of think of it in algebra terms, back to my high school days. It’s like the transitive property: By kissing Michael Douglas, I am making out with Catherine.”
— Matt Damon
On playing the love interest of the actor (who’s married to Catherine Zeta-Jones) in the upcoming biopic Liberace.

“@georgelopez I don’t need or want ur apology...I want your kidney dude..onbehalf of ur X and all the women uv insulted...give it back.”
— Kirstie Alley
Responding via Twitter to George Lopez’s apology after the late-night host (whose ex-wife gave him a kidney) compared the Dancing With the Stars contestant to a pig.