Yes, I Did Say That!

Krista Kennell/Sipa Press/Newscom

A look at who's saying what in entertainment.

They left Johnny and I on a deserted island with no bathrooms to do a helicopter shot. That for a pregnant woman can be a little bit of a problem. So for those few hours, I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes.”
-- Penelope Cruz
On the challenges of filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with Johnny Depp while pregnant.

“Sorry for the confusion, but it definitely is a funny headline: ‘PETA pissed after Todd Phillips gets Hangover 2 monkey addicted to cigarettes.’ ”
-- Todd Phillips
The director, on the controversy surrounding his fabricated claims that he taught a monkey to smoke for the movie.

“To watch someone take their one precious life and devalue it, I feel like a participant in the crime they’re committing upon themselves.”
-- Diane Lane
HBO’s Cinema Verite star, on why she doesn’t watch reality television.

“It’s going to be hard for these big companies like Disney to embrace this. Why? Because they still have to go through a 48-hour vetting process with the Disney attorneys.”
-- Bill Lawrence
The Cougar Town co-creator, on ABC not being able to adapt to the new marketing culture of instant communication with the fans via Twitter and video posts.

“We broke major news. … Let’s get with it. Where’s our reporting? Make sure it’s in our show.”
-- David Rhodes
The CBS News president, in an e-mail to the Early Show staff, reprimanding them for failing to cover the network’s scoops including a 60 Minutes piece on author Greg Mortenson.

“If they ever came to my standup, their heads would explode. That was toned down; that was daytime TV. They weren’t injured soldiers … they were people that pretend to be someone else all day.”
-- Ricky Gervais
On the stars who were offended by his much-criticized Golden Globes hosting gig in January.

“The only thing I really related to with Darcy, that was easy for me to get, was she liked to have a good time. She was a total lush and loves to drink and have a great time. I’ve had my moments of liking to go out.”
-- Kate Hudson
On how she was like her Something Borrowed character.

“There are a lot of young American actors right now who haven’t got any technique. And, to be blunt, a lot of these kids assume that just by having a good set of teeth and tits, smiling for the camera’s gonna be enough. I needed someone who could act.”
-- Matthew Vaughn
The X-Men: First Class director, on choosing Jennifer Lawrence to play Mystique.

“James Cameron predicts all-3D in five years, on which date I will stop attending new movies.”
-- Roger Ebert
Tweeting about the filmmaker’s forecast for the movie industry.