Yes, I Did Say That!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A look at who's saying what in entertainment.

It grieves me that this was interpreted this way."
-- Brad Pitt
Expressing hurt that his comments about his turn-of-the-millennium funk were seen as a criticism of his 2000-05 marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

"Remember to relax and have a good time while 12,000 live bloggers rip you to shreds."
-- Steve Martin
The three-time Oscar host, offering advice to 2012 rookie host Eddie Murphy.

"You know, not even Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to break the law. Nobody should. …You never heard me say, 'Well, I didn't know.' You never saw me get in that kind of trouble, did you?"
-- Ted Turner
Criticizing his former rival for his lack of leadership amid the phone-hacking scandal at News Corp.

"It's only one night in a long season, but it's certainly a spectacular and rewarding way to get started."
-- Nina Tassler
The CBS Entertainment chief, after the Two and a Half Men season premiere drew nearly 28 million viewers Sept. 19.

"It was funny, but I think it's not fair. … The men of Entourage treat women well, for the most part."
-- Kevin Dillon
Bristling at Emmy host Jane Lynch's Entourage joke.

"I messed up. "
-- Reed Hastings
The Netflix CEO, apologizing for how the company handled its recent price increase.

"Having an AOL address is like wearing Ocean Pacific shorts. It's so uncool that it's cool."
-- Paul Rudd
Theorizing on why many comedy actors and writers including Steve Carell, Tina Fey and Judd Apatow still have AOL e-mail addresses.

"Jon Stewart's writing staff: 14 men and -- wait for it -- 2 women! Practically a NOW convention."
-- Nancy Franklin
The former New Yorker TV critic, tweeting after The Daily Show won its ninth consecutive Emmy.

"Anybody that knows my wife knows she would never say that."
-- Leslie Moonves
The CBS Corp. chief, denying a report that his wife, Julie Chen, told her co-hosts on The Talk, "My husband can fire your asses any day."

"Don't you want to ask me that question? I work out a lot. I have a stylist."
-- Matthew Weiner
The Mad Men creator, jumping in to field yet another question for actress Christina Hendricks about her figure.

"This is just the next step in the story . . . look at what happened to movies when they became talkies; look at what happened to radio when TV started. This is life."
-- Agnes Nixon
The All My Children creator, on seeing  the show move to the web after 40-plus years on TV. The last episode airs Sept. 23.