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42 REP QUOTES Brad Pitt H
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"Hell if I know. Hell if I know."

Hell if I know. Hell if I know."
-- Brad Pitt 
The Moneyball actor, on what he would do after telling a reporter he would retire from acting in three years at age 50. He later backtracked on the statement.

"You watch, like, Extreme Couponing and Cake Boss. … You know your maternity leave's about to end [when] you're, like, 'Oh, I've seen this Cake Boss.' "
-- Tina Fey
The 30 Rock star, on her TV-watching habits during maternity leave following her second daughter Penelope's birth.

"I do know how the whole show ends. … It's 2011. Don Draper would be 84. … I want people to remember it fondly and not think it ended in a fart."
-- Matthew Weiner
The Mad Men creator, discussing how he imagines the AMC drama will end in 2014 after seven seasons.

"NYC Mayor takes play out of China's playbook. Meets peaceful protesters with violent crack down, blocks media coverage, destroys property."
-- Mark Ruffalo
The actor, tweeting his criticism of Mayor Bloomberg's decision to launch a nighttime police raid to remove Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park.

"All the Chinese ministers were very proud of me and wanted me to be a Chinese heroine. I keep getting job offers as a bodyguard."
-- Wendi Deng
The wife of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, on the notoriety she gained by stopping a prankster from throwing a pie in Murdoch's face during a July 19 hearing in Parliament.

"Jack and Jill may be the end of culture. Not just ours, mind you. World culture. Past and future cultures."
-- Bill Lawrence
The Cougar Town executive producer, tweeting his review of the much-panned new Adam Sandler movie.

"How was your week?"
-- Tom Sherak
The Academy president, greeting the audience Nov. 12 at the Governors Awards following a week that saw Oscar producer Brett Ratner and host Eddie Murphy drop out and Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal come on as replacements.

"I think I was always a bit of a weird kid. I wore a Superman cape under my clothes until I was 12. Honestly -- I'm not joking."
-- Jason Segel
The Muppets star and co-writer, discussing how the cape gave him confidence at school.

"She might be being groomed even now for the position of next senator from New York. New Yorkers don't care whether you got experience or not. They don't care if you've even lived there. All they care about is if you're a big enough star."
-- Rush Limbaugh
The radio host, on word that Chelsea Clinton will contribute to NBC News' "Making a Difference" segments.