Yes, I Did Say That!

A look at who's saying what in entertainment.

I have a raging case of Linsanity. …Fans have not come down with a basketball-borne disease this intense since ... Kareem Abdul-Jabbotulism."
-- Stephen Colbert
The Comedy Central host, on Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks sensation.

"Why don't the people at your little ranch … use all the CGI to make you go away. … You're wrecking good movies."
-- Glenn Beck
The conservative radio host, criticizing George Lucas for adding 3D to Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace.

"Men are terrified of me now."
-- Michelle Dockery
The Downton Abbey star, confessing that the scene on the show where her Turkish lover, Pamuk, dies in flagrante has scared away real-life suitors.

"You're like the white Kanye West."
-- Jimmy Kimmel
The late-night TV host, to Cougar Town actress Courteney Cox, after learning she tweeted 1,211 times in her first two weeks on the microblogging service.

"Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box."
-- Oprah Winfrey
The talk show host, violating Nielsen rules in a tweet urging metered viewers to watch her network. She later deleted the tweet and apologized.

"I once drove 200 miles through a hurricane evacuation zone to get laid, but I don't think I'd see 'The Vow.' "
-- Danny Zuker
The Modern Family producer, tweeting about his lack of interest in seeing the romantic film that grossed $41 million during its opening weekend.

"Pine did not even have the courtesy of picking up the telephone to tell SDB that he was ending their relationship of nine years."
-- Bryan Freedman
A lawyer for Chris Pine's former talent agency SDB Partners, in a lawsuit filed Feb. 14, demanding commissions for Pine's $1.5 million Star Trek 2 fee and $5 million fee for This Means War, among other films.

"I don't want to be some skinny minny with my tits out."
-- Adele
The singer, on how she hasn't tried to change her look to fit stereotypical expectations for a female pop star.